Fitness and Exercise Programs

Fitness and Exercise Programs

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Participating in regular physical activities is a must for all individuals, of all ages. Unfortunately, approximately 60% of all Americans fail to meet their recommended levels of physical activity. Worse yet, 25% of Americans fail to participate in any sort of physical activity. Many studies have shown exercise can significantly increase energy levels. Ironically, the number one excuse for not exercising is a lack of energy or the person being too tired.

We have therefore included a number of beginner to intermediate level resistance training programs linked above to assist you in starting or spicing up your current physical activity regimen.

Resistance training involves the use of resistance, such as through the use of free weights or nautilus equipment, to increase the strength, tone and sometimes size of a muscle. Resistance training is not just for bodybuilders who wish to increase their muscles’ size, but rather, is for anyone wishing to keep their body strong, healthy and fit. In addition, resistance training can simultaneously provide a cardiovascular workout. By keeping the rest-time between the sets of exercises minimal, a moderate heart rate can be achieved and maintained throughout the entire workout. This extends the benefits of your exercise training program to the most important muscle of all, the heart.

Note: Please check with us or other health care provider prior to initiating any fitness or exercise routine, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition that you’re aware of.

Studies conducted on exercise have shown the following benefits:

• cardiovascular health
reduction in LDL (“bad” cholesterol)
increase in HDL (“good” cholesterol)
increased heart strength and health
increases V02 max (maximum oxygen uptake)

• emotional health and quality of life
anxiety reduction
stress lowering
increased sense of well being
increase in self confidence

• disease prevention
reduced disease and sickness
reduction of fall injuries in seniors
diabetes prevention in the aging

• weight management
reduction of body fat
prevention of obesity

• size and strength gains
increased physical performance
increased strength
increased speed
increased muscle tone

• functioning and quality of life in the elderly
increased mobility and independence in seniors
life extension

• pregnancy
increased on-time deliveries
increased protection from miscarriages